September 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

Violence is a daily occurrence on our streets in the city. It is reported in the media, both newspapers and television daily which is very disturbing. Ensure your safety by being alert and always check and b...

August 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

As the air warms and the sun shines we naturally tend to feel happier as it enhances our mood, according to research done by Dr Neubauer. With that in mind, it seems to be the perfect time to explore the gre...

July 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

Although July is a cold and rainy month, we have been fortunate to experience some nice sunny days in between. We certainly hope that, while keeping warm, you are still enjoying the great outdoors exploring ...

June 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

Winter is here and we hope you are keeping warm during this chilly season. We have enjoyed some really good rain over the past couple of days, which is hopefully filling our dams.

May 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

We are almost halfway through the year! It is alarming how quickly time flies. The temperatures are starting to drop significantly, especially early morning and in the evenings, which is a clear sign that wi...

April 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

The month of April has definitely been a busy one, with Easter festivities, Passover, all the public holidays, and most importantly the 2019 Harfield Village Carnival, which was an awesome event.

March 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

What's happening with the Kenilworth Booms? Those of you who live in the area or use Kenilworth Road on a regular basis are probably very aware that the Kenilworth Station booms are currently not working. NO...

February 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

February is known as the month of love and here’s hoping all members of the community felt love this past month. As Autumn approaches look out for the stunning colours and enjoy the cooler days.

January 2019 Harfield Village Newsletter

Norgarb Properties and the Harfield Village Online Team, wishes all our readers a happy and prosperous New Year. May 2019 be filled with love, happiness and success.

December 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

The end of the year is upon us and what an eventful year it has been. It is often said, "time flies when you're having fun" well this year definitely flew past, in a blink of an eye and it is Decem...

November 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Believe it or not, the end of the year is here! We hope that you enjoyed a great year thus far, the summer and festive season is upon us, which brings a lot of fun and family time.

October 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

The festive season is nearly upon us, and a great time to get out into the glorious sunshine. Guy Fawkes & Diwali are also coming up which can be a lot of fun for us, but with that comes loud noises from...

September 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

What’s not to love about this wonderful season - full of light, colour and new life. After the shivering cold and icy mornings, the warmer weather is enveloping our beautiful country.

August 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Spring will soon be showing off her glorious colours as we start shaking off the winter coats. Spring flowers around the Western Cape are almost in full bloom, as is the case on the West Coast and Namaqualand.

July 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

July is known as the rainy month, and it is almost always cold. July receives the most rainfall of any month of the year, sadly this year while the weather has been lovely we did not receive as much rain as ...

June 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Winter! We hope that you are keeping warm and well as this colder season unfolds. We have enjoyed some really good rain but unfortunately still not enough to ease the strain on our precious water resources.

May 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Believe it or not, we are almost halfway through the year! “Time flies”, they say, “when you are having fun”.

April 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

April, what a month it has been, Easter festivities, school break and the 2018 Harfield Village Carnival, which was an epic event, thank you to the HVA and in particular to the HVCID (Jenny Coleman, who need...

March 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Autumn is slowly creeping up upon us, the surrounding greenery is gradually turning into beautiful browns, yellows and reds. The duration of daylight has become noticeably shorter and the temperature is star...

February 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Due to a jam packed Feb newsletter with last minute additions, including a new born baby boy - Edward, (CONGRATS TO SYM) we are a tad late. But as they say in the classics "better late than never".

January 2018 Harfield Village Newsletter

Happy New Year to you from all of us at Norgarb Properties and Harfield Village Online. May 2018 be a prosperous year filled with much delight for all our readers.

December 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

As we come to the end of yet another year, on behalf of the Harfield-Village Online team, we would like to thank each and every one for your support throughout the year.

November 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

As holidaymakers start their journey to Cape Town, the strain on the water supply will certainly increase. Please continue to save water.

October 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

Summer is on it's way, and so is the festive season. This newsletter is filled with interesting articles from our regular contributors as well as a local interest piece on that lovely little glass shop situa...

September 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

Here's hoping that you have a spring in your step! It's time to stop and smell the flowers as the days begin warming up, there is a splattering of flowers and blossoms in the gardens.

August 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

As the last days of Winter will soon be over we look forward to welcoming the Spring.

July 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

We hope that while keeping warm you are still enjoying the great outdoors exploring our beautiful city and the surrounding areas.

June 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

This month's newsletter is packed with some great articles from our contributors including a look into life in Harfield Village in the 1970's by resident Sharon Barry-Tayor of Fine Feathers Sewing School.

May 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

Apart from that one "crazy" downpour last month the rains have unfortunately still not arrived in the way that we need them to, in order to alleviate the current water situation. So as the water re...

April 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

The cold fronts will soon make their appearance bringing much-needed rain, but don't despair, as there is still much enjoyment to be had.

March 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

The mornings and evenings have that crispness about them that is unmistakably a sign that autumn is well and truly here. Soon the winter rains will fall and hopefully, offer some relief to the current water ...

February 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

In true February style, it has most definitely been warm of late with little to no rain, not good for our water supply as we are rapidly running out of drinking water.

January 2017 Harfield Village Newsletter

Happy New Year! May 2017 be a year filled with magical, wonderful times and may your families enjoy health and prosperity.