July 2014 Newsletter

With the mid-year school holidays just behind us, life has been thrown back into routine with the start of the third school term.

We hope you all had a lovely holiday and maybe even enjoyed a change of scenery.

Should I renovate before I sell?

Nearly every property is unique as are the personal and financial circumstances of the owner. There are, however, some rules of thumb that could be considered.

Firstly, we need to define the word "renovate" and then we need to talk money. There is a difference between minor improvement and deliberate structural or extension work in order to maximise ones return on a property investment. For those who know what they are doing, development and "fixer uppers" can be a profitable game, but not always for the faint hearted.

June 2014 Newsletter

A big congratulations to Kelly Harding who won our Rouge Day Spa lucky draw in May. We hope you enjoy your luxurious pedicure or manicure.

June is full of exciting sport to watch on the box. Apart from the Rugby and football, tennis lovers are thinking strawberries and cream as they settle in for a healthy dose of WIMBLEDON.

June 2014 Newsletter - Area Specialist

Choosing an estate agent can be a daunting task.

A property is often ones most valuable asset and thus it.s essential that you are in safe, capable and trustworthy hands when it comes to making real-estate decisions. Doing your homework and calling an area specialist is the way to start. With numerous agents in the area claiming this title it.s not always easy to deduce who is who in the property zoo!

May 2014 Newsletter

In a continued effort to support locals, Norgarb Properties plans to offer a FREE ride and errand running service with their Tuk Tuks. You will no doubt have seen these cute three wheelers zooting around the village and perhaps wondered what they are all about.

Lew Norgarb says, "I continue to look for additional ways to put something back into the local residential and business community".

May 2014 Newsletter - Buyers run the gauntlet and sellers enjoy the spoils

Lew Norgarb from Norgarb Properties reports continued frustration from buyers in Harfield Village and the surrounding Southern Suburb areas. With a continued shortage of property and additional purchasers entering the market, things are getting desperate. "I really feel for the buyers in this current market", says Lew. The last few properties we listed were snapped up in days or even hours and sold for very close to, or for the full asking price.

April 2014 Newsletter

April started with April Fool.s Day seeing some fun pranks being played including one by Norgarb Properties that Second Avenue was going to be closed for two weeks for construction. It seemed that most people were on high alert for pranks.

The history of this day can be traced to various beginnings. There is mention of biblical and roman origins, but the most widely believed origin stems from the time of change in the calendar from the Julian to Gregorian calendar.

March 2014 Newsletter

The first Saturday of March saw the much-loved Harfield Village Carnival take place in its new annual slot. The feedback we have received about the Carnival has confirmed what a wonderful event it always is. Given the fact that Friday had some light drizzle and Sunday saw heavy rains accompanied by gusty winds, it was fortunate that Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day. There was a wonderful selection of creative stores and the atmosphere at the Carnival was vibrant and friendly. The whole village was out enjoying the festivities with a live band called the Nomadic Orchestra outside Home Bar proving to be a big attraction.

February 2014 Newsletter

The New Year has dawned and we are all back in the swing of our normal routines again. We hope your resolutions are still firmly in place and that this is your best year yet.

We are thrilled to announce that our newsletter readership has increased tenfold and continues to grow consistently. If you are a business owner registered on our site and would like specials mentioned in the newsletter, please email details to admin@harfield-village.co.za and we will do our best to incorporate as many as possible.

November 2013 Newsletter

We are excited that our community website www.harfield-village.co.za is under a revamp. We now have 200 businesses listed and the number is growing. Apart from news and events, the objective of the site is to promote local businesses, with the site acting like a mini "Google" for the area

December 2013 Newsletter

We are very excited to announce that our new community website has gone live.

Check out www.harfield-village.co.za.

It is slicker, easier to use and will provide you with all the relevant information about businesses in the area, as well as properties for sale.