Working with Lew was effortless

Buying a property can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. Working with Lew during this time was effortless due to his professionalism and care. An exceptional moment was when we found a leak in the roof. Lew’s response (and that of the seller) was nothing sort of brilliantly ethical. One is only left wishing that some of our politicians had the same ethical conduct!


Princes Road, Harfield Village

A Harfield Village Specialist

Choosing an estate agent to sell for you in Harfield Village is not difficult. Look for one who has a busy track record, resides in the Village and is readily available to assist at every step.

Lew Norgarb has taken the years of discipline and dedication needed to become a top tennis player/coach and utilized the benefit of that while becoming a property pro.

I signed a sole mandate and immediately he nudged me along into getting my cottage ready for photography (done himself) and a show house. I was able to sell within 3 days of the listing going onto the property websites, which prevented the need to go on show.

I got a cash buyer during a quiet time for the market (April 2018) and Lew’s persistency of communication with buyer and seller turned the trick.

Be realistic in your pricing, make an effort to get your home presentable, utilise the expertise Lew offers and then relax while it all happens. Rest assured that you are in good hands.

Charles Maimin
(seller - 4 Dorset Close)

Having both purchased and sold a property in Harfield Village in recent years I cannot fault the service provided by Lew from Norgarb Properties. He really had to go the extra mile when things started going wrong when I purchased my cottage, but he perservered until all had been resolved to my satisfaction. When after 3 years it was time to sell I immediately contacted Lew and within in no time he presented me with a full asking price offer. I would not hesitate to recommend Lew for sales in the Claremont area. He is very professional, has a track record in the area and has the welfare of Harfield Village at heart.

Kind regards
Gloria Barrett

A glowing Testimonial for Lew and Norgarb Properties

I was delighted to experience the professional and friendly service that Lew Norgarb provided during my recent purchase of a 2-bed cottage in Harfield Village. Lew is a well-known figure in the village, and as a result he has a genuine enthusiasm for ensuring that both buyer and seller are happy throughout the whole process. This was certainly the case for me and the person I bought my property from. Additionally, Lew and Norgarb Properties went out of their way to ensure that I had the best finance plan for my bond, keeping me regularly informed of the process along the way. And upon moving in, Lew presented me with a welcome pack, including money-off vouchers to spend at the many excellent local restaurants, guest house and shops, once again demonstrating that Lew and Norgarb properties are keen to support the community of Harfield. I highly recommend Norgarb Properties if you are thinking of buying a house in the area, or indeed selling - Lew's friendly demeanor and the professionalism of his team made it for me a truly enjoyable experience. Thanks Norgarb properties for helping me to find a dream place to live in Cape Town!

Dr Samantha Brooks
Harfield Village

Hi Lew

Just a brief note to thank you for all you help over the past few weeks in respect of purchasing the property in Victoria Green. Your attention to detail and speedy response to ALL my never ending questions, has been brilliant. I have never purchased a property in SA before and you have guided me wonderfully throughout this procedure, nothing has been too much trouble.

Your recommendation of Peter the plumber was manna from heaven. I don't know what I would have done without him.

Thanks for caring, I will definitely be in touch again should the occasionally arise.

Best Wishes
Barbara Royce

Excellent service and great advice

Hi Lew,

Sorry it has taken so long to write this and hope it will do the excellent service we received from you justice. Tried to keep it short, but I could easily have filled a whole page singing you praises.

Thank you so much for the always excellent service we received from you during the sale of our house. Your great advice, support, guidance and patience made all the difference to us and things surely would not have gone so perfectly without you. From the prepping of the house for pictures to the show house and sale and all the millions of details in between you were there every step of the way, dotting every i, crossing every t and always willing to go the extra mile (or 5) for us. In short you rock and we couldn't be more grateful!

May 2015 bring you all the great tidings you so richly deserve.

Lots of love and hope to see you around The Village soon.

Nadene, Brice and Mina.
York St, Harfield village

A Pad for our Extended Family

Earlier this year my wife and I began to look seriously for a manageable home for our son and nephew to share - both were living in rented digs but neither were happy. For ease of access to freeways and places of work, Claremont was ideally placed so we refined our search to this area. Harfield Village popped on to our radar screen and that is where we met Lew Norgarb. The first offer we made failed to secure a deal but Lew persevered and kept in contact with us over a couple of months, and provided several attractive properties to consider. He had a very good grasp of what we were after and worked tirelessly to come up with the right mix of position, features and price. Finally the right property did present itself and same day we made an offer, had it accepted and the process of transfer commenced.

Eight weeks later and the boys have moved in, the transfer is through and a seamless transition made.

I must commend Lew on managing a painless process - the offer to purchase is a simple understandable document and his response to queries and issues was fast and efficient. He has been a pleasure to deal with as have the conveyancers. STBB.

Lew is passionate about what he does and his knowledge and involvement in the local community has made Harfield Village come alive for us.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lew and his team to any potential buyer or seller of property. Our experience has been positive from the word go and that is a rare thing in the property game!

Alan and Lyn Bradley
53 Prince's Road
Harfield Village

We're all so fond of our little Harfield home

Hi Lew

It's quite unreal that it's almost a year since we moved into our little home in Surrey Street that you so wonderfully helped us purchase. We love it in the village and the fact that we also know our immediate neighbours.

Thanks again for all your help and efficiency during the process of finding us a home. You really went out of your way to make it happen. My parents love coming to visit Cape Town now that they have a home away from home and enjoy walking through the village and visiting all the wonderful restaurants. It's such a joy to finally be settled and have a place to invite friends and family to. We're all so fond of our little Harfield home.

Have a great day!

Kind Regards
Leilah Kirsten


Due to previous bad experiences in dealing with other estate agents, when I first asked Lew to sell my house I warned him that we would probably have a few arguments along the way. However, this was certainly not the case with Lew.

The highly professional manner in which all aspects of the transaction were handled by him was impressive and reassuring.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Lew and Norgarb Properties as a first port of call for anyone thinking of buying or selling a house.

25 Norfolk Street

Service Excellence from Andre Ter Morshuizen

I want to thank Andre for his complete professionalism and enthusiasm in securing me my home. A satisfying experience all round with great communication, keeping me in the loop at all times.

Very happy in the new house. Thanks Andre.

Gavin Esterhuysen


I searched, I looked, I asked, and I applied my mind to this question, "How will I choose an estate agent to sell MY home?"

Friends recommended, neighbours recommended, but no-one had concrete evidence who was better for me. A nice person, a big brand, national presence etc wasn't going to convince me. Of course, everybody's got an opinion (to volunteer). Opinions are cheap like that. This wasn't a cheap thing to me. This was my biggest asset actually. My house!

No, I felt I needed more.

Actually, It turns out there is hardly any way to acquire this information. So I got dirty and got introduced to all the agents in my area , in the usual ways, phone, email, website, showhouses etc. But actually, testimonials are the best method and that's why I took the time to write this one.

I actually got a testimonial from a friend that I trusted in the business arena about Lew Norgarb and that got us in touch.

Norgarb was a big brand in my area. Hmm, but I like personal service, and not big brands so much. What I realised very quickly is I would get both. Passionate about his brand and his clients expectations is how I would describe Lew.

Sure, the others can also sell property, but here is my experience with Norgarb Properties, not my opinion. You will make your own opinion.

Getting the right buyer to see your house how you want it seen, is how you will sell your house. That's how it's done.

They're buying on an emotion and you are selling on emotion. The property must be presented in the right way to the right buyer. The buyer will then be committed, a good price will be reached, and you will feel less sad about saying goodbye.

Distribution, wording(copy) and photos are super important. Lew does all 3 very well and that puts your baited hook in the right waters!

Norgarb Properties got 28 prospects into our home on showday one.

Norgarb Properties got 2 written offers on my desk the next day, solidly above our asking price. And both unconditional!!

An awesome problem to have, is which offer to accept, thanks to the effort made in distribution, wording and photos! Getting the right buyer to see your house how you want it seen, is how you will sell your house.

So, a signed sale agreement that's way more than halfway, but its not the end. The end involves a real sale on the agreed date and a lot of massaging in between, with no "he said/she said". Its inspections, paperwork and dates and packing. And electricians!

A professional agent sees it through to transfer and moving in/out date. And Norgarb does that. in spades. In my case - to the point of helping me clear out the last straggling items and allow me to actually catch my flight on moving out day!!! More committed than that I cannot describe.

I cant do much more to convince you to use Norgarb as your selling agent than to do this letter for you , and to tell you that you wont go wrong here. I could introduce you, like was done for me, but if you are reading this then already met Norgarb Properties.

Take a small leap and sell your house how you want it done, with Norgarb!

Kind Regards, Marc GoIdring

Some other notes to the prospective seller:

Did I do a long testimonial here, almost a long as a blog post? Yes, but it indicates the amount of effort that I felt Norgarb Properties put in, that I would take my half hour to write this. Lew earned it and his commission. Btw, don't ask to cut his commission. You will get his full attention and then hopefully, full asking price like I did.

For the record, showday wasn't invasive. We went out for the afternoon and came back at 6pm, and it was untouched. (Sure, we vacuumed and neatened and straightened beforehand, but that's how we wanted people to see our house. All hands work together.)

Oh yes, that reminds me of the funnier conversations with other agents. "Let us sell your house for you" , "Why you?" I asked. "we can sell it!" "um...that's a reason? Ok, yes, that may be true, but maybe not how I want it sold!" first find out about me.

Happy Seller (2nd Avenue, Harfield Village)

Thank you Lew and team for a really great service. I knew at all times I was in good hands, and really appreciated the time taken to explain certain aspects throughout the process. Lew was so helpful and highly professional. Thanks again for your support through what wasn't an easy decision or time for me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services in the future.


Thank you Lew for getting us the house that we love

We are moving from the Eastern Cape to Cape Town and first met Lew when he welcomed us into his offices while we were reading his notice board.

We do not have a great affinity to estate agents in general, as we have had some not- so-good experiences, so we approached Lew with caution.

But since that day, we have found him to be warm, friendly, helpful, wise and always very professional. He has been one of those rare finds in the field of estate agents.

We knew that this man was the ONLY agent that we wanted to deal with in looking for a house in Cape Town.

He took down all our details and regularly kept us informed as to what was on the market in our price range. He did not push us or pull the wool over our eyes in respect to certain houses we saw. He respected our space and our privacy.

He took time out on public holidays and over weekends to show us properties, and once we were back in East London, he kept us informed as to what was happening down there. He took the time to photograph the interior and exterior of a particular property we were interested in and have subsequently purchased.

Lew explained every clause in the "offer to purchase", the process of transfer and estimated time frames. His admin and attention to every detail were excellent.

Buying a house in a new city is challenging and overwhelming, but dealing with Lew we were given great assurance, peace and confidence in the "journey".

We are impressed with the work and efforts he does for the Harfield Village community and love the Community Notice Board for the local residents.

This is an estate agent I highly recommend, and we only have praise and appreciation for Lew and Norgarb Properties.

Thank you Lew for getting us the house that we love and we are so looking forward to joining the Harfield Village Community.

Kieran and Glenda

First time buyer - Kenilworth

As a first time buyer, Lew and Norgarb Properties were great. From taking the time to explain the process and keeping me well informed along the way, organising for me to get access to view the property again before transfer, and answering all of my sometimes possibly silly questions they helped make the experience as stress-free as possible. They really made me feel welcome in the area and have continued to provide advice and support even though the transfer has gone through and I am happily settled in my new home.

Best regards

Top Service from Norgarb!

It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Norgarb Properties for the sale of my beloved home! Lew Norgarb has been professional at all times in all our dealings. My home was sold within 3 days from hitting the market - and at full asking price!

What I really appreciate about Norgarb too is their commitment and passion to the greater Harfield Village - from being a huge stakeholder in an incredible annual Harfield Carnival to arranging Carols in the park at the end of the year. And these are just a few examples. Norgarb Properties really invest in our wonderful 'hood and I can highly recommend them' whether you are a buyer or seller.

Thanks again for the great service in Properties and the immense value you and your team add to making Harfield Village so special!

Amber Ireland
23 3rd Avenue

4 Belvedere Place & 12 Wesley Rd

Transparency is a quality I value very much, and this seems to be the motto by which Lyn and Lew live by.

Being young and new to the property market, my boyfriend and I really appreciated all Norgarb's help in finding our first home. It was a scary and intimidating decision but Lyn and Lew made us both feel completely at ease by explaining everything to us in detail and always keeping us informed as to what was happening and what the next process was. We had a running joke during the purchase process of needing to explain things in "storm language" so that I could understand how everything works.

After a couple of years of living in our flat, We decided to get married, sell our flat and find our first house as a married couple. Norgarb was an obvious choice of agency, and after just 1 week of a sole mandate agreement with Norgarb, our flat was sold. Lew then found the dream home for us. He knew exactly what we were looking for and when this property became available, without hesitation, Lew set up a private viewing just for us, and the rest they say is history.

I can honestly say that I never felt like a customer of Norgarb, but rather part of the family. Thanks Lyn and Lew for all your hard work you do, you are doing an amazing job!

Storm and Daryn Wilkinson

1 Mayfair Court, Baronrath St

As first time buyers, Lew and his team were phenomenal in their dealings with us. Purchasing a home is a big step and requires some hand holding. We feel that each step of the way, Lew and Anne-Marie were in our corner, guiding us and ready to answer any questions we may have had. Thank you for your support and making this process a pleasant experience, we are ecstatic with our new home!

Kind regards,
Mike Jackson and Andrea Cooper


Selling, a necessary but often tiresome Andre, to find an agent like you was a wonder and breath of fresh air!

I really appreciate that you always kept me updated, with a constant flow of information without me having to ask. Always timeous for appointments (a biggie for me), and getting involved in so many aspects of the transactions that I know for a fact many other agents do not do.

After selling 3 properties for me, your integrity is unquestionable, and with your amazing energy and enthusiasm, definitely my first choice when I sell again!

Jeanette Martincich

STBB Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes, Claremont

We at STBB Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes, Claremont, have had the pleasure of dealing with Lew and his team at Norgarb Properties for the past 4 years.

Lew Norgarb exudes true professionalism and a genuine passion for the property industry. The same can be said about his administrative staff and sales agents. It is always a pleasure for us to be called upon to assist with the transfer and bond procedures as we know that we can rely on Norgarb's co-operation and attention to detail required in the conveyancing process.

Kenilworth (The Village Complex)

Thanks for the great mail, Lew. Nope, not related to Kelly at all - but the plot thickens, I actually visited Rouge yesterday for the very first time!

Lyn was an enormous help today - so quick and efficient, I barely put the phone down and the valuation came through! Not that I expected anything less from Norgarb, you guys are seriously tops. It was a pleasure dealing with you back in 2010 with buying the house, and it's been absolutely wonderful living here. Very sad to be leaving... but have informed my brother that I'm keeping my set of keys and expect the guest room to always be available for me. so I'll more than likely run into you at Home Bar or Banana Jam at some future point :)

I have loved watching the newsletter and Facebook updates and seeing Norgarb Properties grow from strength to strength. I especially like the new little tuk-tuks, what a superb idea! Will continue to recommend you to anyone I hear of looking to live in Harfield. Genuine, caring service is sadly such a rarity these days - and when I find companies that offer it, I like to spread the word!

Thanks again and all of the very best!

Best wishes,
Linda Harding

# 44 Bayview

Dear Lyn,

You have gone out of your way to help the Copley Family. Your motivation was clearly not one of financial gain. It shows the great integrity you bring into the real estate arena.

Honestly, I feel quite liberated by the sale of # 44 Bayview. I will be in Cape Town over Christmas and would very much like to buy you lunch at a time and place of your choosing.


Excited about Wesley Road

We are Norgarb's biggest fans. You guys have always gone above and beyond for us and we are really grateful for that.

Storm Wilkinson

A big Thank You - Lyn Staples

Hi Lyn

So, I didn't want to believe it but I came home yesterday and find a "sold" sign on our "For Sale" sign so I guess it's for real.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all the time and effort you have put into selling our house. I know it wasn't an easy job and we were stubborn at times. However, you continued to remain professional and positive and continued to make us feel comfortable and supported. We felt we could trust all your advice and that you had our best interests at heart.

I will definitely recommend Norgarb to others as I think you are one of the few estate agents that offer that customized and personalized service, if not the only ones. We can speak from experience.

Thank you once again for everything. We all truly appreciate your service and dedication.

Kind Regards,

Rae-Lynn Fletcher

27 Wesley Street

Dear Lew

Thank you so much for your assistance in selling my house. It has been a great pleasure working with you and I appreciate not only your efficiency and on-the-ball approach, but also the great integrity that you show in your business dealings. That's something that can't be bought or learned, and it's a greater asset than many businesses realise.

Kind regards
Fiona (Seller of 27 Wesley Street)

27 Wesley Street

Dear Lew and Fiona

Lew, I can only echo Fiona's sentiments in terms of dealing with you - it has been an absolute pleasure and I will certainly recommend Norgarb Properties to anyone looking to buy or sell. You have been professional from start to finish.

Nathalie (Purchaser of 27 Wesley Street)

Dynamic Approach - Lew Norgarb

Dear Lew

I am not only in awe of your advertising my house on the front page of the Argus property supplement - but the way in which you sold my property within one week, for the asking price and to a cash buyer. Your dynamic approach has made it a relatively painless process for me and for that I am grateful.

Yours sincerely

Pat Gibbons

Area specialist Lew Norgarb, delivers

"We are so happy we used the area specialist Lew Norgarb to sell our house in Harfield, he more than delivered! Our house was sold literally in one day and we had more than one offer over asking price! Lew's dedication and hard work on our property getting all the marketing material done overnight and getting the right buyers through the property was indeed impressive. Not only was he amazing at getting our house sold really quickly he was also incredibly helpful in giving advice on the purchase of our new house. I really enjoyed the personalised service and the excellent professionalism with which Norgarb properties conducts their business. I would highly recommend them to anyone selling or buying a property!"

Mandy Mulder

Lancaster Street, Harfield Village

44, Third Avenue, Harfield Village

Dear Lyn,

Just to say thanks so much for all your kind help and empathy in assisting me in the purchase of my new home. You kept in constant contact with me regarding the sale, and I found your knowledge and experience to be most valuable.

There is no doubt that I will recommend you and your Company, Norgarb Properties, should I ever get the opportunity to do so.

Kind regards

Helgart O.donovan


"5* attention."

Rencia Van Zyl

Service recommended

"5* service and I would recommend Lew and team to friends, family & colleagues"

Peter Munnik

Recommended - Lew Norgarb and Team

"5* attention plus knowledge and I would recommend Lew and team to friends, family and colleagues."

Eric Otten

5 Star

"5* service and great Results."

Russel Webber

Invaluable - Lyn Staples

"I have had other companies (real estate) working with me but have found Lyn Staples, of Norgarb Properties, experience and ability invaluable."

Yunus Wilson

Excellent service - Lew Norgarb

"Lew provided excellent service and expertise especially during negotiation with buyers. He listened carefully to what I wanted and as a result, he was able to sell our house for above the asking price which was very fair market value!"

Pauline Orr


"Sensitive and caring service. Kept me constantly updated. Thank you for the excellent service."

Marilyn Jarvis

Professional - Lew Norgarb

"Lew was professional, always available and delivered brilliant service all of the time."

Andrew Spinks & Susan Munro

Absolutely Brilliant

"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I bought and sold within 6 days and have already recommended Lew and the ladies to friends and colleagues."

D Nochomowitz